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Watercolor backgrounds for mixed media

Sometimes I forget that there are other media in the world that are useful for creating backgrounds besides my usual acrylics. Watercolors, for example. No instructions are needed for a piece like this:

The only thing I would caution, though: if you plan to use your watercolor background with other wet media in the future, spray it several times with Krylon fixative, or it will run. That’s what watercolor does!

So here's how I used it: It struck me after I had fooled around and painted the watercolor background paper, that it would be a really good backdrop for some of my pictures of Venice. I’ve been sorting through them, and I particularly love the doors and windows, weathered and peeling as some of them are. So I scanned my watercolor piece, and sized the Venice images to fit:

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Karin said…
One can use a very cheap hairspray to fix the watercolors. I use it to set the colors for collages all the time.
Cyndi L said…
Thanks Karin! That's a good alternative if you don't have acrylic fixative spray around.