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Messing around with curves

Bear Lake Trail, before

Sometimes it’s well worth reaching back into your own archives and revisiting something. I went to hike the Rockies with my family when I was in high school. I love this particular shot taken from Bear Lake Trail, and I’ve used it for several different pieces over the years.

So, how about surreal?

Bear Lake Trail, after

There are only a few steps used in making a surreal landscape like this in Photoshop, but that doesn’t mean that it’s fast and easy! I spent more time on this piece than on many that have far more steps. Take you time and play around…it’ll be worth it!

1. Open your original image in Photoshop and size it as desired.

2. Make a copy layer of your image to fool with.

3. Go to Image –> Adjustments –> Invert

4. Add a curves adjustment layer and go to town!

5. Adjust lightness, saturation, and contrast to suit.

6. Use the Multiply blending mode for your adjustment layer.

7. Crop a portion of the landscape that pleases you.

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