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Making a layered digital collage

I truly hope that no one finds this offensive! Around Christmas this past year, I was really missing my son. He was my first born, and his birthday is December 29. Now that he’s a married man, we can’t expect to see him every Christmas anymore, but this was our first time without him.

As I was reading some of the traditional scripture passages for Christmas, I came across Isaiah 9:6. “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given…” It struck a chord with me in a new way this year, as it most likely did the year he was born. Maybe not, maybe I was too busy at that time!

Anyway, I decided to make a simple layered digital collage using a picture of my newborn in my arms. It helped :-)

I’ve previously shared my technique for creating digital collage using scanned background papers. For this specific collage, I used four layers:

1. The background layer is a piece of watercolor paper textured with gel medium and cheesecloth that I painted and scanned. I altered the colors in Photoshop to suit this particular piece.

2. The middle two layers are the same shot of the Rocky Mountains, applied in overlay mode and merged into a single layer. I erased and faded the edges to merge the image into the background.

3. The top layer is a very faded oval selection with feathered edges from a photo of me holding my newborn son. When I placed it on top of the layer stack in Photoshop, there was too much light under some spots on our faces. So I went back into the middle layer, darkening and blurring those spots.

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