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How to make a scrapbook wrap

Here's an in-process project that I'm working on right now: a fabric wrap to go around my Guatemala trip album.

I can’t complete the wrap right now until the photo album itself is finished, since I don’t know how thick it’s going to end up being. So what I did was to cut a piece of base fabric several inches longer than the current width of the entire album when it is opened and laid face down. I want my wrap to…well, to wrap around the album when it’s done. This isn’t meant to be a traditional book cover with nicely mitred corners and all. It’s kind of messy, which is what most Guatemalan fabric lends itself to.

First, I cut a piece of lightweight striped cloth that was meant to be a tablecloth. I cut it to wrap the album, with the stripes going up and down. Next, I cut pieces of heavier weight placemats, only as wide as the top of the album, and spread them over the surface, with their stripes going horizontally.

I used a large zig-zag stitch and sewed down the face of the wrap in five spots to anchor the strips in place. Then I sewed each strip of fabric horizontally to the base fabric along both their top and bottom edges.

When the album is finished, I’ll create some type of tie or bungee thingie to hold the wrap together.

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Kalei said…
what a great look. I wonder if one could have a similar feel using strips of ribbon laid in a similar fashion? Of course I don't have the patience for that....your page is very inspiring to someone like me who loves too many crafts to pick just one. =)