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Gesso resist papers

I really like the look of the background papers you can get using this simple technique. This is the same paper that I used for the background of the digital collage In the Shadow that I showed you in the last post. Depending upon how many layers you build up, the texture can end up being extremely complex for such an easy method! So put down some waxed paper, grab some white card stock, white gesso, large stamps and a few acrylic paints, and let’s go!

Here’s what the technique looks like close up. It’s hard to see in the following step-by-step pictures I took, so I wanted to make sure you could get a good look at the craggy surface you end up with. It’s great!

1. Draw lines, patterns, or use large stamps with white gesso on a piece of white card stock. Let it dry completely.

2. Paint the entire surface with a light colored acrylic glaze. I used Lumiere’s citrine. Before the glaze dries, wipe it off lightly with paper towels. See how the gesso acts as a resist, but not completely! That’s what you want…don’t scrub it all off.

3. Sponge on additional acrylic glazes (don’t apply solidly), and wipe off the excess of each one. I used Lumiere’s olive green.

4. If you want even more texture, you can allow the piece to dry thoroughly and then apply more gesso stamps to the surface. Repeat the painting process again…as many times as you wish!

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Shoshi said…
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love this juicy texture and colours. Am looking for inspiration for altering a frame and think this may be the answer! I've just started following your blog and am loving your ideas. Lots to explore here!
Cyndi L said…
Thanks Shoshi! This is a great way to get texture, so I hope it works out well for you :-)