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Collage embellished with embroidery

Last week, on Make Art Monday, I shared this piece that I made in response to the question, "What are your favorite things to use in your work?" Today, I thought I’d share the general steps that I follow to make a collage of this type. It’s not the same as a paper quilt, but it does have sewing embellishments.

1. Lightly trace a grid design with a pencil on a piece of watercolor paper.

2. Color and pattern the squares with any pigments you choose.

3. Adhere papers, foils, and fabrics to the squares. You don’t have to look for a perfect fit, but do erase the lines as needed.

4. Poke holes with a larger needle and sew embellishment stitches as desired using cotton or silk floss.

5. Glue on 3D embellishments and “sew” them in place.

6. Glue the whole piece to watercolor paper or matt board backing.

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