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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Making a painted foil pin

Here’s a fast and easy project you can do with left overs from the painted foil backgrounds that you’ve made. Haven’t made any yet? Well go ahead…here are the instructions…I’ll wait!

1. Cut out pieces of painted foil to use in your pin. Cut one larger one that will be the background, and as many smaller pieces as you want.

2. Trace around the background piece onto a piece of foam-core. Cut it out with an exacto knife.

3. Paint the back and sides of the foam-core with black acrylic paint. Let it dry.

4. Use resin or Diamond Glaze to adhere the foil piece to the front of the foam-core. Attach the other pieces as well.

5. Apply an image or some text to the back of a flat-backed glass stone. Glue it in place. Glue on any additional embellishments.

6. When the front is thoroughly dry, use resin or glaze to attach a bar pin onto the back. Let it dry.

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